We kindly invite you to visit Poznań International Fair! Here you will find business contacts, novelties and the chance to develop your passions. In the latest issue of Poznan Fair Magazine "Exhibition calendar 2017" we present trade fair events, organized by the International Fair for almost all industries.

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Ukrainian magazine ‘Mebelnoe delo’ (Furniture Business), an exhibitor of FURNICA 2016, is going to publish a special review about DREMA / FURNICA / SOFAB 2016 in the next magazine issue. Publication date is November 15, 2016. The exhibitors of this trade fair can promote their products in this publication at a special price.

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"You are a role model for other industries" said the Minister of Development to the participants of the National Furniture Congress "Polish Furniture – Competitive Poland" at the FURNICA and SOFAB 2016 fairs [gallery]

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SOFAB - International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture - 13-16 September 2016

SoFab - you must be here!

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